White Gums is a Newcastle (Australia) based electronic audio-visual project
born from sleepless nights, day-dreaming, caffeine and beer.

We combine algorithms with found sounds & miscellaneous noise to deliver
a comforting blend of atmospheric and quirky music that interacts in realtime
with projected visuals to create a unique and immersive live experience.

"This is beautiful. For me to continue writing a review would
just be spoiling this lovely moment you've made."
Dave Ruby Howe - JJJ Unearthed Music Director

A less brief history: click here. or here.


Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Percussion, Synth, Visuals & Design

by White Gums

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by White Gums



A new track and video will be out soon. I've been a little quiet since moving but I'll be back at full steam very soon.

Review: Something You Said
"He presented a drifty, floaty set with what seemed like lyricless vocal pulses filled with a grace that grows and recedes throughout."

Showtime: Gordi & Ali Barter @ Hibernian House July 18
White Gums will be supporting folktronic Gordi and songstress Ali Barter.

Review: Who The Hell
"...with Float White Gums has managed to craft a sound that is both serene and compelling."
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News: SYN - Sweet 16 list
White Gums
just got added to SYN radio's Sweet 16 list, head over to their site and check out some of the other great acts on the list.

News: The Follower - Finest in the Land
We've joined this fine playlist along-side other great Novocastrian acts including Mojo Juju and The Main Guys & the Other Guys.

Review: Sound Doctrine
"It’s a combination of submariner’s signals and slowly building percussive elements but the breaks hit firm enough so that you’re pulled out of your reverie and disallowed a full submersion in those loops."
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Review: Ryan Saar (FBi Radio) - Soundly Sounds
"…looking for something a bit more lush, look no further than old mate White Gums."
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